Advice on consumption

Find out all you need to know about consuming MEDIHEMP Organic CBD oils.

CBD Consumption recommendation

What should I use MEDIHEMP organic CBD oils for?

Hemp and its ingredients impact the body from the inside out. They help the body restore its inner equilibrium and achieve well-being. They promote good sleep, relaxation and regeneration.

What is the best way for me to consume MEDIHEMP organic CBD oils?

Drip the oil directly under the tongue. Wait a moment before swallowing and then, if you wish, take a sip of water.

How many drops should I take?

Adhere to the indicated consumption recommendation. Our advice corresponds to EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) guidance for hemp-based foodstuffs. However, each individual person has unique needs.

Will I still be able to think clearly after consuming MEDIHEMP nutritional supplements?

Yes. Consumption of organic hemp extracts does not have a psychoactive effect. All our MEDIHEMP nutritional supplements are entirely lawful, and have been certified as suitable for sale on the open market.

Can I drive after taking MEDIHEMP CBD oils?

MEDIHEMP organic hemp extracts do not make you drowsy, nor do they affect your consciousness. You can take these products any time of the day.

Are MEDIHEMP CBD oils addictive?

No, the hemp ingredients in our MEDIHEMP organic hemp extracts are not addictive.

Who can consume MEDIHEMP organic hemp extracts?

The organic CBD oils are suitable for all people who want to provide their body and health with an additional, natural means of support. Children and the elderly should take Organic Hemp Pure, as it has a mild taste and is free of THC.