Organic Mushroom & Hemp
An unbeatable combination.

For the first time, MEDIHEMP is combining vital mushrooms with the very best of hemp,  that help the body to restore its balance naturally.

Vital mushrooms contain two very special substances: polysaccharides and triterpenes. The combined consumption of MEDIHEMP organic mushroom & HATCHA® capsules and the MEDIHEMP organic mushroom & hemp extracts ensures an ideal supply. These bring us back into balance. Or better yet: help us to stay in balance.

Our MEDIHEMP organic mushroom & hemp products contain exclusively organic ingredients, allowing for ideal absorption by the body.

For more joie de vivre & well-being.

Organic MOOD Reishi & Hemp

Keeps the inner disposition just right.

Reishi is also known as shining lackporling or lingzhi. It has been used in TCM for 2,000 years and has a balancing effect on body, mind and spirit. As the so called “mushroom of eternal life”, it is said to strengthen the immune system. Reishi has the ability to keep our neurotransmitters in balance and thus have a positive effect on our mood.

Available as an extract or capsule

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Organic FLOW Auricularia & Hemp

Keeps the heart flowing calmly.

Auricularia auricula-judae is also known as wood ear, since its unusual shape resembles that of an ear. It has a particularly positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Thanks to the high polysaccharide, magnesium and potassium content, it is able to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Available as an extract or capsule

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Organic FOCUS Hericium & Hemp

Provides the focus for heart and brain.

Hericium erinaceas, known as lion’s mane or monkey head mushroom, is associated with five organs in TCM: kidney, liver, spleen, heart and stomach. It is used for stomach and intestinal complaints as well as for strengthening the nerves. It has a positive effect on the
mind and the memory and can therefore increase memory performance.

Available as an extract or capsule

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Organic POWER Cordyceps militaris & Hemp

Provides fresh energy for the body.

Cordyceps militaris or caterpillar mushroom is one of the most important Asian healing mushrooms. It is especially valued for its ability to reinforce the life force “qi”. It has a performance-enhancing effect and can be used against all types of exhaustion. Cordyceps can improve the uptake of oxygen.

Available as an extract or capsule

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Organic GLOW Chaga & Hemp

Will have you glowing once more.

Chaga or clinker polypore owes its antioxidant effect to the high concentration of melanin, which is also responsible for its dark colour. It has formed part of the traditional healing techniques of North-Eastern Europe for centuries. In Siberia, it is also described as the “gift from God”. It can improve the complexion and have a detoxifying effect on the liver.

Available as an extract or capsule

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