What is the difference between Organic Hemp Complete and Organic Hemp Pure?

The main ingredient of both products is cannabidiol. However, their manufacture, flavour and ingredients vary.

Organic Hemp Extracts

Organic Hemp Complete is a CBD-rich whole-plant extract. In addition to CBD, it also contains other cannabinoids, such as CBN, CBV, CBG, THC, plus terpenes, phenolic compounds and flavonoids. It has a somewhat bitter, slightly spicy taste, and is deep brown in colour. A gentle CO2 extraction method yields the raw extract, which is subject to further production steps to generate the final whole-plant extract.

For Organic Hemp Pure, we use our premium CBD extract. This is pure organic CBD, free of THC and especially mild in flavour. Organic Hemp Pure is therefore suitable for people with sensitive tastes or needs. It is golden-yellow in colour. Both extracts are dissolved in high-quality, cold-pressed organic hemp oil.